New Trader Process

Our trader process couldn’t be simpler. Follow the 5 steps below to become a trader with Ascot Meat Products.
(If you are an existing trader go to step 2).



To become a new trader ring us on 02 6024 1077 and select Option 3 or go to our registration page.
Fill out the required “New Trading Form” and submit it via the registration page, fax or email.
Please allow one business day for processing of new account


Access Grid Prices

Login to access grid prices via the login page


Book in your Stock

When ringing to book in stock be aware booking times will be dependent on available processing space


Deliver Onsite

  1. Stock can be delivered 24/7
  2. All vehicles need to report to security
  3. For larger trucks deliver to the bottom unloading race
  4. For smaller vehicles/trailers deliver to top unloading race


  1. Stock will be processed day after the delivery
  2. Weights will be sent out via your choice of email, fax or phone within 24 hrs after processing
  3. Prompt Payment

Register Today

Any farmer producing top quality stock can become a new trader